Sensor-less, ergonomic-focused,
worker injury analysis.

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Ergo Assesment

Overcoming the Limitations of Current Ergonomic Measurement Methods

Current risk assessment tools are labor intensive, slow, static tools prone to errors due to subjectivity between observers.

Inseer takes the guesswork out of ergonomic assessments by using proprietary AI to interpret video footage to measure distance, flex and twist calculations in near real-time.

Skeletal wireframes map joint positions for angle and velocity measurements.

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How Inseer Works.

1Record Employee Tasks

Camera Types

Simply record a video of your worker(s) with a smartphone, tablet, IP camera, or any other video camera.

  • Windows
  • Apple
  • Android

2Save & Process

Import your video directly into Inseer's secure cloud.

Built for commodity hardware:
No need for a major infrastructure upgrade or additional computer purchases.

Save And Process


Save And Process

Inseer’s software prepares detailed ergonomic assessment reports. Waveform graphs are synced with video content for joint angle position, flex, twist and velocity data.

  • Objective waveforms graphs are synched with searchable, comprehensive risk assessment data.
  • Joint Angles Graphed Over Time
  • Comparisons of facilities, shifts & jobs over time.

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